Compensation Survey 2020

The latest data on staff remuneration at hedge fund firms
December 2020

Report Overview

The median base salary for senior staff at profitable hedge fund firms continues to hover around $200k, the results of HFM’s 2020 compensation survey shows. But there are signs that pay at many roles has decreased over the past two years, notably for junior roles. For more hedge fund salary data and analysis, read HFM’s latest research report.

In the report:

  • Base salaries for most roles in the US have decreased since 2018
  • The downward trend for base pay among junior roles was global
  • $1–3bn AuM firms pay their PMs and COOs more than $3bn+ firms
  • IR/marketing heads at $1bn+ firms receive 3x that of <$1bn peers
  • GCs have the highest median base salary of key hedge fund roles